Secure Your Office

Secure Your Office

Large or small, companies need to protect sensitive information. This can include:

  • Financial data of clients
  • Proprietary secrets
  • Personal information of employees
  • Medical records

We can help protect your information from internal and external threats.

How We Secure Your Company's Information

We can help you secure your office in a variety of ways:

  • Xerox’ partnership with McAfee and Cisco partnership ensures you have the best security available.
  • Common Criteria Certification-  The Xerox difference is that we certify the entire device.
  • Leverage existing ID card or login infrastructure to control and track scanning and printing.
  • Transmit documents securely with secure print, fax, email, and encrypted scanning.
  • Automatic Image Overwrite ensures sensitive data is removed from a device after a scan or print job.

Make sure your sensitive data is protected. Click here to discuss how we can help.

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