Scan to Cloud

Scan to Cloud

Leverage the technologies of today with Xerox

Scanning is an effective way for businesses to share or convert or edit documents. The Xerox platforms have many different ways to do both of these without user intervention.

Scanning to share- We can scan documents to many different destinations for sharing:

  • Scan to email either by using standard protocols like LDAP, or ad-hoc on the fly if permitted by IT
  • Scan to popular cloud services like Evernote, SharePoint, Dropbox,, and Office360
  • Scan to network repositories that you can navigate to from the device via user permissions

Scanning to convert or edit- Convert your documents with ease with various options depending on the need:

  • Convert to searchable pdf to be easily found on the network or document management system
  • Convert to editable word processing and spreadsheet files like MS Office without using network resources

If you want to know how our scanning technology might help your business, we can help.

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